​Affair Recovery for One:

Online Counseling for Those Who Have an Affair

You feel powerless and unhappy.

You do not know how to make your partner listen to you and hear what you need. Even worse, you do not believe it's even worth to try. You don't really want to go home and spend time with your partner. It seems like a heavy duty and painful obligation. Instead, you just want to have fun. You want things to be easy. You want to spend your time with someone who will not criticize or expect something from you.


Other men find you attractive.

There are people out there who find you interesting. You notice them from time to time and can't help but wonder if with them you would feel fully alive. There is even someone in particular who is easy to talk to and who is sexually attractive. Someone who makes you feel happy and joyful. Someone who understands intimacy the same way you do, which your official partner does not and has not done for years.


You want freedom.

You know that being with someone else when your official partner waits for you at home is wrong, but you do it anyway. You want a little bit of freedom and fun before going back to the trap of your official relationship.


What are your reasons?

What makes you stay in your official relationship? Maybe you have children and do not want them to suffer. Maybe you like your official partner and don't know how to tell them that you are not romantically interested in them anymore. Maybe you are afraid of people around you judging you for being selfish if you express your unhappiness.

You are trapped. You are voiceless.
Are you sure that you want to spend the rest of your life that way?


You deserve to have a voice in your relationships!


...feeling powerful!

You do not need to worry about other people's opinions and views. You know that there will always be someone who may disapprove. It is not a problem because you do not need their approval. You are surrounded by people who truly care about you and want YOU to be happy.

You have a voice!

You can speak your truth to your partner without fear. You know that they are able to hear and understand you without taking your needs and desires as attacks against them. You can openly discuss anything you feel. You do not need to ask for permission to express yourself.

You are not afraid of being judged!

You are not afraid of being devalued and rejected. You know that it's okay to have your needs and to ask your partner to meet them. You can be with someone you love and feel romantically attracted to.

You build your relationships on your terms!

Let me guide you!

I know how hard it is to find your voice and start speaking openly to your closest people! It is extremely scary to be rejected and abandoned by someone you care about versus a stranger!


I have helped other people to go through that process of understanding their needs and asserting them. I will not judge the decisions you made in the past. I know that you did the best you could!

Let me be clear here: I do not think that having an affair is a good idea. At the same time, I understand why you made that choice.


We both know that an affair does not resolve your relationship problems.

On the contrary! Usually affairs make things worse. If or when your official partner learns about it, you will have even less voice with them than you do now. This is why I want to help you! I want you to have your voice heard and understood in any relationship have!

During our online therapy sessions, we will explore your conscious and deep unconscious needs and motivations. I know that some people believe that people have affairs just for sex. My professional experience completely rejects that theory.


There is always more to having affairs than just sexual gratification.


Tatiana Morris, MA, LPC

You deserve to feel empowered in your relationships!

You may wonder...

...how can online counseling help to improve your situation.

My goal is to help you claim your inner power and feel strong enough to be honest with your partner. I know that it can be extremely difficult, and I will be happy to support you in that process.

...why I choose to offer affair recovery for one person instead of couples work.

I am passionate about supporting the disempowered and helping them claim their power back.


...if we will be a good fit.

Ask yourself if you want to be supported emotionally and challenged about your beliefs and world views. I do that a lot! My style does not work for everyone.

I look forward to get to know you and to help you find your inner strength to create a relationship you want!

How I help:

I offer online counseling for people who have an affair and want to improve their relationships in Minnesota and internationally.

Our online therapy sessions will be held on a secure online video platform.


My schedule allows us to meet at convenient times including in the evenings and on weekends


I work with people in different time zones. If needed, we can speak English, Russian, Spanish or French in our online counseling sessions.


Let's meet online for your complimentary video consultation! You can ask me all the questions you have!


Please, use the button below to pick a time that works best for you!


I look forward to help you find your voice and create a fulfilling relationship!