Couples Counseling Online

You don't seem to be on the same team anymore.

You have been together for a few years now, and romance and passion that got you together turned into routine and conflict. You love each other, but there is so much resentment between you that you don't enjoy spending time together like you did in the past.

You have hard time remembering the last time when you and your partner had a date, when you did something fun together. Just the two of you. No children or other people.


You do not feel the same attraction as you did when you got together, and there is too much stress. You want it to be different, but you have no idea how to change that. The intimacy, the connection you had before seems to have faded.


Work is stressful, and home life does not provide a peaceful space for relaxation. When you come to an agreement, you are still on edge. You don't know what can disrupt that fragile peace between the two of you.

You have hard time getting your point across to your partner. When you talk, it seems like you speak different languages and don't understand each other. Most attempts at conversation end up in arguments that don't resolve anything. You both keep bringing up issues from months or years ago, which turns into a vicious cycle that never ends.

You want to feel supported, but you are not sure that your partner will support you. They may be supportive in some things, but not in all.

You have very different ideas about a lot of things, and children are the topic of the hottest arguments between you. You are afraid that all that stress and conflict will affect them. You are afraid of not being able to provide them with a safe and happy environment.

You deserve to have love and closeness in your relationship!


...having your relationship to be the way it was when it started.

You spent a lot of time together and you had so much fun! Your partner was the most interesting and attractive person in the world.

...that there is no stress.

You are excited to get home to your partner to tell about all great things that happened to you! You know that you are together because your partner is your best friend with whom you share your joy and excitement about life.

You support each other.

You know that you can rely on your partner no matter what. If anything bad happens, you have someone who has your back.

You can talk about difficult things.

You can talk openly and honestly about confusing and sometimes hard feelings you have towards each other. None of you feels threatened by those conversations to the point to get angry, judgmental or shut down.

You dream together.

Making plans for your future together is one of the most interesting and joyful things that you do together. When you have different desires, it becomes an interesting game to find a common ground.

Your sex life is amazing!

You feel deeply connected with each other both emotionally and physically. You feel so fulfilled by your sexual relationship.

Parenting is not as challenging because you are a team.

Before acting on any decisions related to children you discuss the options and decide together what would be the best. You recognize how tough it is sometimes to be a parent and support each other in that.

You can resolve conflict when it arises.

You don't hold grudges for months or years because you can openly talk about things you don't like. You can listen to each other and understand the position of the other.

You feel heard, understood and supported by each other. You build your life and your relationship authentically!

I am happy to be of service!

I have helped many couples to find mutual understanding and improve their relationship. I have supported them with relational and parenting challenges. It makes me particularly happy when I can help to increase the level of joy of a whole family!

In my work with couples, I work with 3 clients: two people and their relationship. Depending on the need, I meet with both people together and each partner individually because I know that personal issues people have affect their relationships.

During our online therapy sessions, we will focus on communication and conflict resolutions skills. We will try to understand deeply the needs of each of you in the relationship. We will explore ways for you to talk with each other effectively and work as a team to achieve common goals. We will find ways to increase empathy and support between you.

I will challenge both of you to see each situation from another perspective. I will also ask you to take responsibility for your part in how you got where you are now. I know that one person cannot "ruin" a relationship. In one way or another, actively or passively, both people participate in the process.

I will probably give you some exercises to do between sessions to practice the skills you are learning. Your results in therapy will be better if you work between sessions, too.

Finally, I bring non-judgmental presence, empathy and compassion to both of you and support you each in any way that will help to improve your relationship!

Tatiana Morris, MA, LPC

Closeness and mutual understanding are possible!

Relationships can be difficult, but they don't have to!

How couples therapy online can help us improve our relationship?

You feel ready to work on your relationship, and you doubt that your partner is ready.

It is totally fine. If your partner needs more information about counseling in general or online counseling, or counseling online with me, we can discuss it together during your free video consultation. If your partner refuses to do counseling, we can still work together to help you improve your side of the relationship.

How do we do couples therapy online?

There are two different ways:

1. You are together in the same room, and I am on the video call. From my end, I can see and hear you interact with each other and me and help you understand each other better. It always amazes me how much interactions between people talk about their relationships. Not being in the same room is not an obstacle at all.

2. You are in different places. In this case, we will all see and hear each other through the video platform. The interaction between us happens a little differently, but it still works to improve your understanding of each other.

Disclaimer: In the US, I cannot do couples therapy with you if one of you is out the state of my licensure (Minnesota).

You are busy, and it is really hard to find time that works for both of you.

No problem at all! I can be flexible and accommodate if I see that you really make therapy your priority. In fact, doing online therapy could be much easier in this case than go to an office.

I look forward to get to know both of you and to help you create the relationship you want!

How I help:

I offer online couples counseling in Minnesota and internationally.

Our online therapy sessions will be held on a secure online video platform.


My schedule allows us to meet at convenient times including in the evenings and on weekends


I work with people in different time zones. If needed, we can speak English, Russian, Spanish or French in our online counseling sessions.


Let's meet online for your complimentary video consultation! You can ask me all the questions you have!


Please, use the button below to pick a time that works best for you!


I look forward to help you create a loving relationship full of mutual understanding and support!