Relationship Counseling for Women Online

You want to be in a romantic relationship, but your attempts to find a man you would enjoy being with fail. You don't find interesting those that are attracted to you, and you either don't see anyone you like or those you like don't like you.

You don't know what is wrong, and how to change it. Sometimes you wonder if solitude is your way of life.

You want to be good and earn the love that you need from people around you. However, they take everything your provide for granted and ask for more. They don't appreciate you or sometimes even notice how much work you put into making them happy.

You are very giving, and you are always there for your friends. You often sacrifice your own interests to help them out or support them in various challenges they face. You are always ready to go extra mile to help a friend in need.


However, when you need something, they seem to be busy and leave you fend for yourself.

As a result, you are not very impressed by people. They promise a lot and fulfill very little. You wonder how to trust anyone when most people around you are so unreliable.

This lack of support makes you worry and try to control everything. You often feel exhausted from those efforts. You wonder if something is wrong with you and how to fix it.

You deserve to be loved and supported!

Imagine... being easy and fun.

You don't try to please each man you meet, but focus on your feelings and needs first.

You allow yourself to be honest without fearing to upset any person you meet.

...putting no effort in pleasing other people.

You know that it is not your responsibility to makes others happy, and focus on yourself.

...being there for your friends when you want to.

You don't put aside everything you do to run save another friend in need. You trust that your friends can take care of themselves the same way you do.

...not being afraid of judgement and abandonment.

You know yourself and what you need and your ignore other people's opinions on that topic. You know if they don't appreciate your choices, it's their problem, not yours.

...being appreciated and valued for what you bring.

People around you notice what you do for them and highly appreciate it. They feel lucky to have you in their lives!


...accepting people the way they are.

You don't over- or underestimate people around you. You accept them for who they are with their strengths and weaknesses.

You know that they have their own life journey, and understand that their way of learning can be different from yours.

You have loving and supportive people in your life!

I am here to help you!

I know how hard it can be to set proper boundaries and attribute responsibility correctly! Most girls are taught from a very young age that they should be nice and attend to the needs of other people before their own.

I have helped many women find their voice in their relationships with people surrounding them including family members, romantic partners and friends. I know how challenging this process can be!

During our online therapy sessions, we will explore your values and beliefs around relationships with other people.


We will find ways for you to be in relationships and still stay true to yourself.

We will explore what you are looking for and how to get it.

I will be with you at every step of that journey!

Tatiana Morris, MA, LPC

You deserve to be yourself in your relationships!


You deserve to put yourself first!

How online relationship therapy will help me improve my life?

If you have a partner, you may wonder if doing couples counseling will be better than individual relationship therapy. It depends! First, it depends on your partner's desire to go to therapy and work through relationship challenges. Second, even if your partner is willing, sometimes it could be important to look into your personal story and explore ways in which it contributes to the challenges you face in relationships. In that case, relationship counseling for one could be better.

You may feel helpless and out of control in your relationships because other people just do what they want. However, even in that case, there is something you can change on your end. Relationships are a big part of life, and understanding how they work and what you can do to change them can be very empowering.

You may wonder if online format is effective. I know it is! However, if you want to try it before making any type of commitment, please, schedule your complimentary consultation here.

You may wonder if online counseling is worth the money. I invite you to look at it as an investment in yourself. What could be more important to invest in than your happiness? You can learn about my fees here.


If you have any other questions or concerns, you can check my answers to frequently asked questions or look into the process of starting online counseling.

I look forward to get to know you and to help you have the relationships full of love and closeness!

How I help:

I offer online counseling to improve relationships in Minnesota and internationally.

Our online therapy sessions will be held on a secure online video platform.


My schedule allows us to meet at convenient times including in the evenings and on weekends


I work with people in different time zones. If needed, we can speak English, Russian, Spanish or French in our online therapy sessions.


Let's meet online for your complimentary video consultation! You can ask me all the questions you have!


Please, use the button below to pick a time that works best for you!


I look forward to help you create relationships you want!