Online Counseling to

Improve Self-Esteem

You feel bad about yourself.

You feel like a failure. You compare yourself to others and feel like a loser. It looks like everyone else is successful, but not you.

You constantly hear this critical voice in your head telling you how much of a failure you are. This voice is very persistent, and it does not shut up. It speaks so loud that you start to believe it. This makes you lose motivation to try new endeavors. You procrastinate. You postpone decision making and follow through as much as possible. You are afraid to fail and prove this nasty voice in your head right.​

You feel insecure in your relationships.

You are jealous of your partner. You are secretly afraid that there is another person out there that your partner is interested in. Maybe even acts on that interest. So you keep looking for signs of infidelity.

You do not really believe that people sincerely like you. You are convinced that they are with you only because you do so much for them, only because you are useful. So you exhaust yourself by trying to be nice and helpful to other people ignoring your own needs and desires. You are very afraid of being abandoned.​

You often feel insecure at work.

You try to do the best you can, but it is never enough. There is always a way to make it better, but not enough time. If something does go wrong, you feel that it is your fault because you should have known better. Even when other people do not blame you, you take the blame yourself.

You feel anxious about your future. What if you cannot do anything right?! You may be poor and homeless. You will live and die alone without anyone caring about you!

You deserve to have confidence in yourself! 

You deserve to love and appreciate yourself!

You deserve to value who you are!


You feel confident and secure in yourself.

You know exactly who you are and what you are capable of. You know your strengths and your weaknesses. You are okay with them because you know that an ability to be good at everything is a myth.

You trust yourself and your partner.

You know that even if your partner gets interested in someone else, it does not mean anything about you. You know you can find someone else who would appreciate and love you if this relationship ends.

You do not try to please your friends and family.

You express yourself with honesty, integrity, and authenticity and appreciate when they do the same with you. You know your worth and do not allow other people belittle it.

You know that perfection at work is unrealistic.

You accept doing "good enough" work, which is excellent according to other people standards. You know that it is okay to make a mistake, and you learn from your mistakes. You do not judge or criticize yourself!

You feel secure about your future.

You know that you are capable of figuring things out even in the most adverse circumstances. You have done that before.

You appreciate and value your successes and victories

No matter how small they are. You are grateful for your skills and knowledge. You like and love yourself.

You value and appreciate yourself!

Let me assist you!

I am familiar with this feeling of insecurity and doubt! I know how this negative self-talk can turn into a never ending cycle that takes you deeper and deeper into a dark hole. I know how hard it is to get out of there and start believing in yourself again!


I know the road from self-blame and shame to self-love and acceptance of who you are. I have walked that path with different people many times before. Each trip is unique, and I am flexible and able to adjust. My friends see me as determined, and I do not allow obstacles deter me from my path. I will be the same walking on this path with you.


I have a lot of various tools that you can use to improve your relationship with yourself. Did you know that it is your most important relationship that affects all other relationships you have? If not, I am telling you that now. I am ready to tell you more about it and to show you how improving that one relationship you can significantly change the quality of your life.

Tatiana Morris, MA, LPC

I am passionate about guiding people towards clarity about who they are, confidence in showing that and freedom to be authentic! 
I will be happy to be your guide, too!

Confidence and trust in yourself are possible!

You may wonder... therapy can help you improve your self-esteem and change your relationship with yourself. I can tell you that it's all about talking. It is about the way you talk to yourself, the way that may be learned so well that you stopped even noticing it. This is why I often challenge people to look at things they perceive as "norm" in a new way. 


You are extremely busy, and it is hard to find time for therapy. In this case, online counseling is for you. We can always find a convenient time if you decide that finding this time for yourself is your priority.


Some people believe that showing their insecurities is a weakness. I consider this opinion highly disputable. I will not judge or think less of you if you allow yourself to be vulnerable with me. On the contrary, I believe that the ability of feeling things and sharing them with others is one of the greatest strengths we have as human beings.

I look forward to getting to know you and help you value and appreciate yourself!

How I help:

I offer online counseling to improve self-esteem in Minnesota and internationally.

Our online therapy sessions will be held on a secure online video platform.


My schedule allows us to meet at convenient times including in the evenings and on weekends


I work with people in different time zones. If needed, we can speak English, Russian, Spanish or French in our online counseling sessions.


Let's meet online for your complimentary video consultation! You can ask me all the questions you have!


Please, use the button below to pick a time that works best for you!


I look forward to help you go through your life with confidence!