Online Counseling for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

You are constantly on edge.

You worry a lot. You feel anxious about all sort of things.

The world seems like a very dangerous place, and you have the need to be always prepared to protect yourself from danger. In public places you usually choose a spot where you can observe the place and be sure that nobody can approach to you unnoticed.


Relaxation is a very foreign experience for you. Of course, you know the word, but you don't know how it feels in your body.​

You may have a stressful job, but you don't see it as a problem because you are amazing at dealing with crisis. Somewhere deep inside you may even understand that peace is another empty concept that does not have a real meaning for you.​

You don't like your body. 

If you could not have it, you would probably choose it. You want to forget that you have a body. You really don't want to look attractive.


You don't sleep well. You often have nightmares or flashbacks, and it is difficult for you to feel safe. When you go to sleep you often have hard time making your head to stop solving problems that may hypothetically arise soon.


You tend to avoid things.


You avoid thinking about the abuse because it causes you to experience emotions which are intolerable. You just cannot deal with it! So, you put it aside and try to move on with your life, but there are too many situations where your fear and feeling of helplessness are overwhelming.

You often feel depressed.

Seemingly innocent things can throw you off balance. You sometimes feel desperate and lose hope that your life will get better and this pain and helplessness that you feel will go away.

You don't trust or even like men. 

Maybe there are a few in your life who seem safe enough, but in general men are dangerous and untrustworthy. It makes you try to avoid them as much as possible. If you have to deal with them, you try to be as nice as possible and avoid confrontation because angry men terrify you.


You are still attracted to men sexually and want to have a committed intimate relationship with one of them even though sometimes you wonder if having a relationship with a woman would be easier or more satisfying. You are unsure about your sexual orientation, you feel attracted to both men and women. You may know theoretical things about sexuality, but you are aware that your understanding of your own body and its needs is not very deep.


You want to leave the past behind, but talking with someone about it and even thinking seems terrifying. So you postpone it again and again. Maybe some day it will be just be okay.

You deserve to feel safe in the world!

You deserve to leave the past behind and be happy!


...finally feeling safe.

You don't jump from any unexpected noise, and you are not constantly checking your surroundings for the signs of danger. You know how relaxation feels like and you allow yourself experience it often.

You leave your pain from sexual abuse behind.

It still pains you that the abuse happened to you, but memories of abuse do not have that overwhelming power over you anymore. You understand and accept your feelings because you know that your body is your friend who informs you about what is happening for you.

You sleep well.

And you wake up rested and energized. You are excited to start your day full of things that you actually want to do because you enjoy them so much.

You are clear about who you are

...and what you want in your relationships with people. You feel comfortable in body, and you accept your sexuality as it is. You don't try to fit your understanding of who you are as a woman into some socially established box. The label just does not matter.

You enjoy intimacy again.

You are able to find closeness and intimacy in your romantic relationship. You learn to trust your partner.

You build your life freely without any luggage from the past sexual trauma holding you back!

Let me be your guide!

I can help you heal from the history of childhood sexual abuse, leave it behind and move on to a happier future. Helping women just like you is my specialty, and I am passionate about helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse build happy lives for themselves. Nobody deserves to go through that!


I know how complex healing from childhood trauma is, and how much gentle holding it requires. We don't have to jump into discussing the abuse early in the process because it can be actually harmful to you. Building trust between us can take time, and it is part of the process.


Be prepared to have a specific time every week for our sessions because it is very important to have consistency with the healing process. Such consistency helps us in creating a safe environment for you together. I know you may not be thrilled about the commitment, but it is really important for you to have it!


During our online counseling sessions, we will talk and get to know you together. Because of my cultural background, I often look at things in a particular way that people are not used to. I consider it important to bring meaning to the suffering.


I know that a lot of people may not believe you when you try to tell them what you went through. I will not be one of those people. I don't care about the facts and particular sequence of events, I know that your feelings tell the only truth I need to know. Even though I have not met you, yet, I don't believe it was your fault!

Tatiana Morris, MA, LPC

You deserve a happy life!

I look forward to getting to know you and help you heal the wounds from the childhood trauma!

Can online counseling help me heal my childhood trauma?

You may have some doubts that mental health counseling can help you heal the wounds left by the history of abuse. That is totally normal!  I understand how hard it may to tell someone you don't know about the most painful experiences of your life! This is why I offer to meet with your online for a complimentary consultation before making any commitment. We can get to see each other and try connecting.

You may be unsure about the virtual mental health counseling. It's totally natural! Online counseling will work for you if you are someone who prefers to be in the safety of your own space. As for the therapy work itself, it has some nuances compared to in office therapy, but it still depends on how comfortable you are with the space and with me.


You may be unsure how you can afford counseling. I can ask you a different question: Can you afford living in constant stress any longer? I understand how hard it is sometimes to invest in yourself and really do something that has no evident value for other people. But you deserve it! Believe me, you do!

I look forward to get to know you and to help you live a life of joy!

How I help:

I offer online PTSD therapy for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Minnesota and internationally.

Our online therapy sessions will be held on a secure online video platform.


My schedule allows us to meet at convenient times including in the evenings and on weekends


I work with people in different time zones. If needed, we can speak English, Russian, Spanish or French during our online therapy sessions.


Let's meet online for your complimentary video consultation! You can ask me all the questions you have!


Please, use the button below to pick a time that works best for you!


I look forward to help you live the life on your terms!